• Two Stories of How Collaboration Generates Success!

    Working together, Federation’s programs and their community partners inspire individuals to strive for success and be of service to others in recovery. Lauren and Kristin are moving examples of perseverance and accomplishment. Their stories demonstrate extraordinary outcomes resulting from well-coordinated, person centered care. Lauren receives clinic services, care coordination and housing through Federation of Organizations.

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  • Our Hero!

    On April 26, Sadine Carida Richardson was celebrated as a Front Line Hero by the New York Non Pro t Media. Sadine, along with 25 other New Yorkers, was chosen for being a committed, innovative, behind-the- scenes human service practitioner, leader and advocate for change in New York. A native of Goose Creek, South Carolina,

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  • The Story of a Recovery Champion

    Recovery is like running a lifelong marathon – it takes planning, focus, strength and long term vision. Lori T is an example of someone with the spirit of a champion, successfully running her personal marathon with the help of experienced providers from Federation and other organizations. Lori T was hitting rock bottom in 2015 when

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  • A Message from Dr. Anthony Angelo

    The time has come to embrace mental and physical health integration. Traditional medicine has primarily focused on what we can do to mitigate or cure illnesses, while doing very little to prevent illness or support health. It has become increasingly obvious that an overall failure to implement genetics, environment and lifestyle into patient care is

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  • July 2016 Quarterly Newsletter