Supported Employment Services

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  • February 7, 2017

Supported Employment Services

Federation of Organizations offers Supported Employment Services for individuals recovering from mental illness who are ready to engage in meaningful work.  Whether returning to work or just entering the workforce, we offer a variety of programs, each of which focus on an individual’s skills and strengths, in order to help them find and successfully maintain employment. Through our employment services, individuals receive assistance in planning and managing how working can impact their SSI and SSDI as well as other public benefits.  Individuals are guided to make informed decisions about career paths and receive support with creating resumes, conducting job searches, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, and developing work skills. Continued support is available throughout an individual’s employment.

Adult Career and Continuing Education SERVICES- Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCESS-VR)

Federation of Organizations can work with individuals seeking employment through the Supported Employment Program at ACCESS-VR. This intensive program is for individuals who need support with finding, securing and successfully maintaining competitive employment in the community.  Federation’s Employment Specialists work one-to-one with individuals in order to assist each person with meeting his or her employment goals.  Individuals who may be eligible for this program must be highly motivated to find employment, in need of job coaching whether on the job or off-site, in need of ongoing support and must be able to get to and from the work site independently.

Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program

Federation of Organizations is an Employment Network (EN) that provides employment support services to individuals with mental illness through the Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program.  The goal of this free and voluntary program is to assist Ticket beneficiaries in finding employment and working towards financial independence.  To be eligible to participate, the beneficiary must be between the ages of 18-64, an SSDI or SSI recipient, and have the goal of eventually becoming self-sufficient.  If the beneficiary is making timely progress in the program, the Continuing Disability Review (CDR) can be delayed and the beneficiary may also be able to maintain their health benefits.

To learn more about the Ticket to Work Program, visit the website or call the beneficiary hotline at (866) 968-7842 or Federation’s Employment Specialists at (631) 447-6460 Ext. 1212.

The Big Nosh Cafe

The Big Nosh Café Affirmative business is located on the grounds of Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Building 40. It offers many employment opportunities including the following positions: supervisor, driver, housekeeper, food service worker, cashier, inventory clerk, and clerical positions.  Big Nosh Vocational Services includes vocational assessment, training, job or apprenticeship placement, career development assistance and assistance while gainfully employed. The Big Nosh Café serves approximately 250 customers each day.  Available positions do not include supervisor, driver or housekeeper.