Agency Compliance Program

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  • October 30, 2016

Agency Compliance Program

Welcome to Federation of Organizations’ Compliance Page, which includes documents such as the Agency’s Corporate Compliance Plan, Corporate Compliance Hotline information, Notice of Privacy Practices and written policies and procedures informing our employees and contractors about federal and state false claim acts and whistleblower protections.

The purpose of our Compliance Program is to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse. It drives the decisions that are made within our Agency, including priorities that are set, and supports the Organization in making business decisions that include high legal and ethical standards; detects and prevents activities that are contrary to organizational standards, policies and laws; ensures the Organization meets its regulatory obligations and imposes corrective action for noncompliance. Further, the Compliance Program creates and maintains a culture of integrity and demonstrates the Agency’s commitment to accuracy and responsibility. It is meant to be a resource for staff, establishing mechanisms for employees to raise concerns about compliance issues and ensuring that those concerns are appropriately addressed. Finally, the program provides education, training and guidance to employees, ensures quality care for those we serve, and promotes self-monitoring, detection and resolution of problems.

Federation of Organizations’ Compliance/Quality Management Department consists of a full-time Corporate Compliance Officer/Director of Compliance/Quality Management/Privacy Officer, Lisa A. Weiss, LMSW, CHC, CHPC who may be reached at 631-236-4325 x3117 (more detailed contact information can be located within the Compliance Plan), a Compliance/Quality Management Department Manager, as well as two (2) full-time Compliance/Quality Management Specialists with expertise in each of the Agency’s lines of business.

Your Corporate Compliance Officer is:
Lisa Weiss, LMSW, CHC, CHPC
Corporate Compliance Officer
Director of Compliance/Quality Management
Privacy Officer
Phone 631-236-4325, Ext. 3117

Your Security Officer is:
Michael Serrano
Manager of Information Technology
Phone 631-512-4092, Ext. 1008

CLICK HERE to download our Corporate Compliance Plan.

CLICK HERE to download our Corporate Compliance Hotline information.

CLICK HERE for Notice of Privacy Practices.

CLICK HERE to download the Minority and Women Owned Business Policy.

For Federation Employees and Contractors
Please take the time to view our document about preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse. You can download the document by clicking here.