Care Coordination

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  • February 7, 2017

Federation of Organizations provides care coordination services in Queens, Kings, Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness, chronic medical conditions, and/or substance abuse disorders are eligible to receive a care coordinator who will help that individual manage all aspects of their healthcare. Care coordinators link clients to behavioral health specialists and primary medical care as well as housing services, vocational services and entitlements.  Coordinators work with each individual to follow up on appointments including, medical, specialist, and mental health treatment to ensure individuals are receiving the necessary care to keep them well in the community.

Care coordinators contact the client or referring provider within 24 hours and upon completion of all necessary documentation, services are provided within the first 5 business days.  Care Coordinators also spend time with each individual, providing educational information in order to help the person stay well and prevent worsening of their conditions.