Peer Support Services

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  • February 7, 2017

Peer Support Services

Federation of Organizations’ Peer Support Services are based on the simple principle that all people, regardless of psychiatric disability, substance use or trauma-related condition, have the capacity to recover and that all people should be afforded the opportunity to try. Federation offers a range of peer support services to assist people toward recovery.

In our experience, we find recovery specialists have instant “street credibility” with the people they serve. They have an ability to form unique, trusted relationships which are essential to recovery. They engage individuals on a personal level as they share their own experiences to help people take charge of their situation and re-establish hope. Hope is an essential element to engagement and to foster motivation and follow through. Recovery specialists provide this as well as living proof that recovery is possible.

Hospital-Based Peer Services

Federation offers a range of peer support services to assist people toward recovery, including self-help groups offered at inpatient psychiatric units of local hospitals.  There, recovery specialists with personal experience managing mental health issues, substance abuse and chronic health conditions, share their knowledge and provide hope, inspiration, and resources to help others work through a crisis and regain control over their life. These resources include mental health providers and other health service organizations, support groups, 12-step groups as well as other local resources that can help a person stay out of the hospital.  Participants have the opportunity to learn from others what may work for them to achieve recovery.

Peer Bridger Services

Through Federation’s Peer Bridger Services, recovery specialists with personal experience managing mental health issues, substance abuse and chronic health conditions, work one-to-one with individuals in the inpatient-behavioral unit to leave the hospital and return back to the community. They share their knowledge, experience and provide information about a broad range of valuable resources that people can access after discharge from the hospital.

This hands-on approach has proven to be effective for many and provides hope and inspiration. Often people experience barriers that prevent them from connecting to treatment providers and other services following an inpatient stay. Barriers may include the lack of housing, no access to a phone, limited finances, lost connections to family and friends, a lack of transportation, and substance abuse issues among others. Recovery specialists work with each person as intensively as needed to overcome these barriers and keep them hospital free.

Peer Respite Services

The Respite Plus Program offers families caring for a family member who has a mental illness, the opportunity to take a break and have some free time. Respite Plus provides a trained respite worker with personal lived experience in recovery who will provide companionship to the individual. Respite Plus offers the kind of support that fosters an independent lifestyle and an improved quality of life, while giving families peace of mind and time to focus on their own self-care.  Services include peer support, home visits, companionship and outings in the community to help open the door to socialization and independence. Overnight stays are available at our respite apartment, introducing independent living as an option. There is absolutely no fee for any Respite Plus service.

After Hours Social Program

Federation of Organizations’ After-Hours Social Program operates two peer-supported, self-help community centers for adults with mental illness. The program offers people an opportunity to socialize and have fun in a safe, informal and relaxed setting. Those attending may choose to join various activities or just drop in, have a meal and perhaps meet new friends. Some of the many activities offered are karaoke, games, crafts, theme parties and outings in the community.   People can visit as often as they like at either of our two locations.  All activities are free of charge.

Community Centers and Hours

465 Waverly Ave
Patchogue, NY 11772
(631) 447-6460 Ext.2122
Thursday & Friday 5:00pm- 8:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-3:00pm

1375 Akron Street
Copiague, NY 11726
(631) 447-6460 Ext. 2122
Monday & Tuesday 5:00pm-8:00pm