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Children’s Services

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Children’s Care Coordination Services

Federation of Organizations provides Care Coordination services to children and youth on Long Island
and in New York City. Care Coordination provides family-and-youth driven services which foster health
promotion. Care Coordinators arrange meetings in natural set-tings including: the home, the
community, school or wherever the individual is most comfortable. Individual needs are assessed and a
plan of care is developed to assist the child and family in achieving their goals. Linkages to both
immediate and long term supports are provided to enable the child and family to live fuller, healthier

What are some of the services provided?

  • Develop individual plan of care which outlines goals that are important to the child and family
  • Collaboration with family, health care providers, school professionals and natural supports to
    provide the most comprehensive services to the child and family
  • Referrals and linkage to medical, mental health and sub-stance abuse providers. Collaboration
    between health and mental health providers to address needs comprehensively
  • Assistance with accessing transportation, income benefits, in-surance, housing as well as any
    other social service needs
  • Assistance with educational goals and working in conjunction with school professionals
  • Linkage to vocational programs and employment opportunities
  • Connections to wellness programs, afterschool activities and recreational events
  • Ongoing support, monitoring, and crisis intervention
    Who is eligible?
    Children with Medicaid, from birth to 21 years of age who have serious emotional disturbance,
    complex trauma and/or two or more chronic health conditions may be eligible to receive services.

Is there a fee?

There is no cost to you to enroll in the program or to receive services. All services are covered through

How do I enroll?

Please contact Federation’s Care Coordination program:
Suffolk and Nassau County – (631) 447- 6460 Ext. 3188
New York City – (718) 850-7099 Ext. 3188

Home-Based Empowerment Support Team (Home-BEST)

Federation of Organizations is working on behalf of Nassau County to provide a Home-Based Empowerment Support Team (Home-BEST). The support teams will assist families that have a child in crisis by helping the youth remain in the community and avoid residential placement. Home-BEST is an intensive in-home program that will provide families with community resources that will help them stay connected. Home-BEST will focus on strengthening the connections between youth, their families and community networks.

Home-BEST Services:

  • Offer personal, family centered services including counseling, parenting sessions and crisis prevention as needed
  • Family or caregivers will be provided with education and tools to help them feel better equipped
  • Support children and their families as they work towards their goals
  • Facilitate family stabilization and reduce the need for out of home placements
  • Are provided where children and families are most comfortable; at home or in the community

Home-BEST Services are for children who:

  • Are under 21 years of age, living in Nassau County, regardless of insurance status
  • Are in need of critical mental health services and are at risk of hospitalization or out of home placement

Children & Families can speak with Federation Staff to inquire about the Home BEST Program.  For more information contact the Program Manager at: 631-669-5355 Extension 1191

Children and Family Treatment Services and Support (CFTSS)

Federation of Organizations is offering new mental health and substance use services, available with New York State Children’s Medicaid, that assist children/youth (under age 21) and their families the power to improve their health, well-being and quality of life.  These services strengthen families and help them make informed decisions about their care.  The following services are provided at their home or in the community:

Therapy Services

(Other Licensed Practitioner)

  • Assessments for mental health and/or substance use needs
  • Identify strengths and abilities through individual and group therapies
  • Get individual, group, or family therapy where you are most comfortable

Family Peer Support Services

  • Get support if you are raising youth with mental health and/or substance use challenges
  • Provided by a Credentialed Family Peer Advocate/Certified Recovery Peer Advocate who has similar experiences
  • Get support and assistance with:
    • Locating information and resources available to meet the youth/family’s needs
    • Making informed decisions
    • Building and strengthening natural supports and resources

Rehabilitation Services

(Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Community Psychiatric Supports & Treatment)

  • Learn to incorporate therapy goals into everyday life and receive extra support managing medication
  • Build relationships and communicate better with family, friends and others
  • Learn self-care, and use coping skills to manage emotions

Who can get these services?

Children and Youth under age 21 who are covered by Medicaid and have mental health and/or substance use needs can get Children and Family Treatment and Support Services at no additional costs.  These services are covered by regular Medicaid, or if enrolled in a Medicaid Managed Care plan*

*What is a Medicaid Managed Care Plan?

Medicaid Managed Care Plans are health insurance companies that oversee and coordinate care.  Children and youth who are enrolled in a Medicaid Managed Care Plan will get the most of their Medicaid benefits through that health plan

How will these services help?

These children’s services meet the individual needs of children and their families/caregivers by

  • Identifying mental health and/or substance use needs early
  • Providing support in the home and community
  • Preventing the need for emergency room visits, hospital stays, or out of home placements

Children & Families can speak with Federation staff to inquire about the CFTSS Program.  For more information or to make a referral, contact: 631-782-6200

Children’s Home and Community Based Services

Federation of Organizations provides Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for children/youth receiving Medicaid or are eligible to enroll in Medicaid who need extra care at home or in the community. Services are provided where children and their families are most comfortable – at home or in the community.

Children’s HCBS:

  • Support children and youth as they work toward goals and achievements
  • Help children and youth be successful at home, in school, and in other environments
  • Offer personal, flexible services to meet the health, mental health, substance use treatment and/or developmental needs of each child/youth

Children’s Home and Community-Based Services Include:

Caregiver/Family Support and Services

  • Caregivers and families can get training and education to make informed and empowered choices for children with developmental, medical, mental health, and/or substance use needs
  • Maintain and strengthen children and youth’s independence in the community
  • Find available resources and services that meet child/youth and family needs

Community Self Advocacy Training Support

  • Children, youth, and their families can get help to understand developmental, medical, mental health, and/or substance use needs
  • Get help with, or prevent, any difficulties when taking part in community activities
  • Children and youth, or caregivers and other advocates, can get their own self-advocacy training.

Prevocational Services

  • Youth aged 14 and older can learn skills to help get ready for paid work, or volunteer work that matches their interests
  • Skills can include: communicating with supervisors, coworkers, and customers; workplace problem-solving; career planning; and workplace safety

Supported Employment

  • Youth aged 14 and older who are ready for a job can get help to stay in a steady job that pays wages
  • Get ongoing support while getting a job and while working
  • Services can include, but are not limited to: Help with finding a job that matches your skills and interests; job coaching; benefits support; help with advancing your career; and other workplace support services

Children/Youth and their families/caregivers can speak with a Health Home care manager, or call the Children and Youth Evaluation Service at 631-321-8229 Ext. 1229 for information and referral