• January 2017 Quarterly Newsletter

  • Approaching the New Year with Gratitude

    As we start 2017, let’s take stock of the people who make Federation of Organizations what it is. First, I would like to recognize the selfless efforts our employees put into their work, day in and day out. The challenging work of helping individuals in need takes dedication and determination and is crucial to our clients and communities. To

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  • The Snowball Effect of Successful Recovery

    When Laurie came into Supportive Scattered Site Housing in April 2016, she found it difficult to transition to independent living and was resistant to accessing services. However, her case manager was patient and persistent. Eventually, Laurie began to realize and believe that other people cared about her wellbeing. She began attending the PROS program in West Babylon. Then, through the

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  • A Letter in Praise of Kelly Cenatiempo

    Our employees make a huge difference in the lives of the individuals we serve. Following is an excerpt from a letter we received in December 2016 about Care Coordinator Kelly Cenatiempo: “I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about an outstanding employee: Kelly Cenatiempo. . . . I know she is very, very busy but she always remembers me. Kelly always

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  • Gloria Finds Hope and a Job She Loves

    When work is fulfilling, it can give life a sense of purpose and make life more meaningful. Gloria knew that, and it led her to reach out to Federation’s ACCES-VR Supported Employment Program. After working as a peer advocate for many years, shifts in technology and required computer skills were making it difficult for her to fulfill her job duties. At Federation, she worked one-on-one with job coaches, focusing

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  • With a New Home and Job Prospects, Matthew Sees a Brighter Future

    Matthew, a young man living with mental illness, had a pattern of running away from home, when symptomatic, and engaging in behaviors that put him at risk. After a hospitalization, Matthew came to Federation. With the help of the Recovery Concepts program and Supportive Housing, Matthew is on the road to recovery and making progress toward his personal goals. Group therapy has

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