Two Stories of How Collaboration Generates Success!

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  •  October 30, 2016
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screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-10-14-32-amWorking together, Federation’s programs and their community partners inspire individuals to strive for success and be of service to others in recovery. Lauren and Kristin are moving examples of perseverance and accomplishment. Their stories demonstrate extraordinary outcomes resulting from well-coordinated, person centered care.

Lauren receives clinic services, care coordination and housing through Federation of Organizations. She has also accessed many other community resources, including the Suffolk Long Island Mentor and Mentee program, and the Dress for Success Going Places Network at the Brookhaven Town Hall. Both have contributed to her personal and professional growth.

In August, Lauren will enter a six month medical administration course at the Hunter Business School in Medford, for which she has been awarded a full scholarship from the NYS Department of Labor. She credits courage and a strong support network for her achievement and is inspired by the counselors in the PROS program.

“I hope that through this medical administrative course, I will one day be a source of strength and relief to those struggling in their illness,” Lauren said. It’s my dream to make a positive contribution to the mental healthcare community.

Lauren is motivated by her family’s history of struggle and adversity. One of her grandfathers was a Holocaust survivor, US Army and Navy veteran and battled cancer for 20 years. Her other grandfather committed suicide. Lauren explains “I think of them often and carry their lessons with me: there will be times of darkness and confusion.” She continued, “Remember, you matter, you have a purpose, and pain is temporary. Life is always precious and worth ghting for; never give up.”

Congratulations, Lauren on winning this well-deserved scholarship!


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