With a New Home and Job Prospects, Matthew Sees a Brighter Future

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  •  January 24, 2017
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Matthew, a young man living with mental illness, had a pattern of running away from home, when symptomatic, and engaging in behaviors that put him at risk.

After a hospitalization, Matthew came to Federation. With the help of the Recovery Concepts program and Supportive Housing, Matthew is on the road to recovery and making progress toward his personal goals.

Group therapy has helped Matthew learn skills toward becoming independent. These included coping and basic living skills, disability education and intensive relapse prevention, as well as how to write a resume, fill out employment applications and prepare for job interviews.

Among many signs that Matthew’s hard work was paying off was his getting rehired at his old job at 7-Eleven. Federation’s support didn’t end there. Matthew receives ongoing rehabilitation and support services twice a month to check in on his progress at work, reinforce coping skills and help him continue working toward personal goals.

With that solid foundation, Matthew has gone on to secure a position at United Parcel Service (UPS). The job puts him much closer to his goal of becoming a truck driver there.

With better job security, Matthew took another step. He moved out of of his parents’ house and into Supportive Housing in the community – something that provides ongoing support while promoting independence.

Matthew’s new residence and job were far away from the West Babylon PROS program where he developed so many skills. However, thanks to Federation’s multiple locations, Matthew was able to transfer to another PROS program without any interruption in services.

“Matthew is a shining example of how comprehensive services in multiple locations supports successful recovery,” said Jamie Palm, Rehabilitation Therapist and Vocational Coordinator, Recovery Concepts. “He has worked hard to break old patterns, and now his life is full of hope and promise.”


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