Step by Step, Ivan Builds a New Life

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  •  January 24, 2017
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Turning your life around takes courage, determination, faith and hard work.

Since being released from prison in 2015, Ivan has focused on making a new life for himself. He is succeeding, with help from Federation and other community-based services.

After his release, Ivan lived at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center and, within six months, moved to Federation’s Massapequa Community Residence. Working with a counselor and a treatment team, Ivan has steadily made progress towards his personal goal of living independently in the community.

Today, Ivan takes medications on his own and follows his treatment plan. He found a part-time job at Macy’s, which he enjoys. Ivan shows up to work on time, every day.

“Ivan has the personal motivation to achieve his ultimate goal of independence,” said Joe Pilla, Supervisor, at Federation’s Massapequa Community Residence. “He has worked incredibly hard to turn his life around and still strives to do better with every passing day.”

Between attending work five days a week, reporting to his parole officer on time and attending scheduled appointments each week, Ivan makes time to attend Mosque every Friday and credits his religion as one of the driving forces of his recovery.

Ivan has also worked to repair and improve his relationships with friends and family members, which strengthens his community of support and puts him closer to reaching every goal he sets.


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