Jonathan and Kathleen Create a Home Together

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  •  September 7, 2017
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Having a place to call “home” can be life-changing for many who come to Federation in need of housing.

For Jonathan S. and Kathleen S., Federation has played a significant role not only in their respective residential circumstances, but also in a relationship that bloomed when they met in 2011 at the Irving Berkowitz Residence.

As their friendship deepened, Jon and Kathy became a couple, then decided they wanted to move in together. Federation took the steps to find an apartment for them to share, and since 2013, Jon and Kathy have been living together in Federation’s Supported Housing.

Almost anyone who meets Jon and Kathy would agree that they are the quintessential “happy” couple. Janiece Lamberth, Supported Housing Case Manager, said that they are also very grateful for all that Federation has done to support them in their life together.

“Jon always has a joke to tell, and Kathy is the serious one,” Lamberth said. “They might disagree occasionally, but then they always tell each other how much they love one another.”

Jon, at 52 years of age, is physically fit and enjoys going to the supermarket and getting groceries for the couple. Kathy, 63, is limited physically and uses a wheelchair. Lamberth said that they “support one another in keeping up their home and in staying healthy.”

Jon and Kathy have also proven themselves to be good neighbors. Recently, as they were heading out of their apartment, they heard a man calling for help from a porch in the complex. Jon immediately dialed 911, then he and Kathy went over to the man. Jon helped him sit up on the steps, while Kathy gave him some water. Soon, the Emergency Services personnel arrived on the scene, whisking him away in an ambulance.

For Jon and Kathy, helping someone in need is a way of life and they were happy to be of service.

Recently, Lamberth arranged for Jon and Kathy to get new furniture, including a couch, love seat, coffee table, and end table, for their apartment.

In response, the couple wrote a letter of thanks to CEO Barbara Faron. Here is an excerpt from the letter, dated June 20, 2017:

“This is a long overdue letter of thanks on behalf of the many blessings and great things the Federation has done for us. The latest being this week new living room furniture!! We are so overjoyed because of our apartment, and the countless other things that came with it. The staff also are incomparable! Thank you for your continued patience with us. We wish you & all Federation a happy & successful year if not decade.”

Gratefully yours,

Jon S. & Kathy S.

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