Gloria Finds Hope and a Job She Loves

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  •  January 24, 2017
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When work is fulfilling, it can give life a sense of purpose and make life more meaningful.

Gloria knew that, and it led her to reach out to Federation’s ACCES-VR Supported Employment Program. After working as a peer advocate for many years, shifts in technology and required computer skills were making it difficult for her to fulfill her job duties.

At Federation, she worked one-on-one with job coaches, focusing on employment that better matched her skill set, preparing her resume and honing her interview skills. Applying what she learned, her efforts were rewarded. Gloria was hired as a greeter at Walmart.

“This job is a perfect fit because I love working directly with people,” Gloria said. “I am less stressed and very happy working closer to home.”

With the ongoing support of Federation’s vocational services, Gloria has made a smooth transition and is stable in her new job.


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