10 Questions–Staff Chat

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  •  September 7, 2017
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Name:  Michelle Doublet

  1. Position: Program Manager, LCSW
  2. Number of years with Federation: 5 Years
  3. What is one thing you can’t live without? My Yoga Practice
  4. What is your personal philosophy? My personal philosophy is to live in the moment fully, mindfully; taking nothing for granted, learning through the challenges, allowing those challenges to shape you for the better and to simply trust the process.
  5. What three words describe you? Passionate, Caring, Understanding
  6. What do you do to de-stress? I enjoy fitness. Hot Yoga, the gym and hiking. I find it imperative to work out daily and eat healthy in order to manage stress as a whole.
  7. Where is your favorite place to be? I love being outside!
  8. How do you define success? Success is defined for me when you find what you love, what you’re really passionate about, and do it for a living.
  9. What is one thing we may not know about you? One thing that you may not know about me is that I am a national qualified fitness competitor.

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