Jillian Waller

  •  Associate Director of Compliance/Quality Management

Jillian Waller joined Federation of Organizations’ Junior/Senior Companion Program in 2010.  Ms. Waller has been employed in various programs within the Agency, such as Financial Management and Case Management until she joined the Compliance Quality Management Department in 2016 where she served as the Compliance Quality Management Specialist for Care Coordination and Outreach Programs.  Due to her outstanding performance, Ms. Waller was promoted to the Associate Director of Compliance/Quality Management in November 2022 where she assists the Corporate Compliance Officer; Director of Compliance/Quality Management with implementing, overseeing and maintaining Agency Quality Management standards as well as the Agency’s Compliance Program.  

Ms. Waller obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree from St. Joseph’s College and obtained her Master’s Degree of Arts, majoring in Psychology from the University of Colorado.