Perri Bernstein, LMSW

  •  Director of Safe Options Support

Perri Bernstein joined Federation of Organizations as a Family Specialist on the Forensic ACT Team in 2019.  Since then, Perri strengthened her clinical, supervisory and administrative skills as she worked her way up to become the Team Leader for the Babylon ACT Team. Perri is currently the Director of the Safe Options Support (SOS) Program.  In this role, she oversees three interdisciplinary SOS teams, two of which are in Brooklyn and one in Queens County.  Perri is in involved with the implementation and development of the SOS initiative, and provides direct supervision to the three SOS Team Leaders. Perri received her Master’s degree in Social work from Long Island University: Post, and she is licensed in the State of New York as a Licensed Social Worker (LMSW).