Khaite Sall, MPA

  •  Associate Director of Non-Licensed Residential Services

Khaite Sall joined Federation of Organizations in 2015 as a Care Coordinator in our Hudson River Health Home Care Coordination Program.  In 2016, she was promoted to the Program Supervisor of the Care Coordination Department and the following year accepted the role of Program Supervisor of the Residential Transitional Support Services Team.  In 2018, Ms. Sall was promoted to Program Manager of the Community Support Mobile Teams where she was responsible for the full operation of three multi-disciplinary mobile teams (MRST, RTS-A and RTS-B). In December of 2020, Ms. Sall took on the role of Associate Director of Non-Licensed Residential Services where she is currently responsible for the operation of the supported housing and mobile teams programs.  Ms. Sall earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and her Master’s Degree in Public Administration in Health Care Administration from Long Island University.