Home and Community Based Services

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  • November 25, 2019

Federation of Organizations provides Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for individuals receiving Medicaid, who are living with mental health and/or substance use conditions.  A range of services are offered to provide people with a path to achieve recovery. Services are provided in one’s home or at a location where they are most comfortable in the community.  

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment: A mobile treatment team will visit each person in their own home, where they are most comfortable. Services are available to individuals who are experiencing mental or physical health issues that prevent them from attending traditional clinical services. The team will work in partnership with individuals, and those identified as a support, to help them get to a place where they feel better and are able to participate in other services.

Habilitation and Rehabilitation Services: These services are geared to help individuals learn or regain skills needed to help them reach personal recovery. Some skills include, budgeting, cooking, building relationships, as well as creating a strong social network of support. These services can help individuals achieve the life they desire.

Peer Support Services: Peers engage individuals on a personal level as they share their own experiences to help them take charge of their situation, re-establish hope, and provide proof that recovery is possible. Peers have knowledge of services and supports in the community such as, entitlements, housing, mental and medical health services as well as self-help resources. Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD), and development of self-directed care are offered through these services.

Employment:  We will help individuals through the process of securing and maintaining a job. Employment Specialists will provide support to help determine what opportunities are right for the individual. Based on employment needs, different levels of services are available, ranging from Prevocational Services to Intensive Services. Key services include, job searches, resume writing, interview skills, on-site job coaching, benefits counseling, helping to manage symptoms on the job, developing positive work relationships, and requesting special accommodations. 

Family Support and Training: Families can be a great source of support to help individuals in their recovery. Federation provides trainings and information for loved ones, and will work with them to create a supportive atmosphere. With a better understanding of the individual’s experiences and the resources available, they will be more equipped to support the individual through their journey.

Education Support: For individuals interested in advancing their education or attending a formal training program, Federation can help. We provide hands on assistance with selecting a program or school, filling out applications, and accessing financial aid programs. Once accepted, we provide support through the process to help with successful completion. Services offered include but are not limited to, accompanying individuals to classes, providing support through tests, helping access student supports and services on campus while teaching self-advocacy skill in the educational setting.


Accessing these services is easy.  Just email us at hcbs@fedoforg.org