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  • September 5, 2019

Federation of Organizations provides Care Coordination services to children and youth on Long Island
and in New York City. Care Coordination provides family-and-youth driven services which foster health
promotion. Care Coordinators arrange meetings in natural set-tings including: the home, the
community, school or wherever the individual is most comfortable. Individual needs are assessed and a
plan of care is developed to assist the child and family in achieving their goals. Linkages to both
immediate and long term supports are provided to enable the child and family to live fuller, healthier

What are some of the services provided?

  • Develop individual plan of care which outlines goals that are important to the child and family
  • Collaboration with family, health care providers, school professionals and natural supports to
    provide the most comprehensive services to the child and family
  • Referrals and linkage to medical, mental health and sub-stance abuse providers. Collaboration
    between health and mental health providers to address needs comprehensively
  • Assistance with accessing transportation, income benefits, in-surance, housing as well as any
    other social service needs
  • Assistance with educational goals and working in conjunction with school professionals
  • Linkage to vocational programs and employment opportunities
  • Connections to wellness programs, afterschool activities and recreational events
  • Ongoing support, monitoring, and crisis intervention
    Who is eligible?
    Children with Medicaid, from birth to 21 years of age who have serious emotional disturbance,
    complex trauma and/or two or more chronic health conditions may be eligible to receive services.

Is there a fee?

There is no cost to you to enroll in the program or to receive services. All services are covered through

How do I enroll?

Please contact Federation’s Care Coordination program:
Suffolk and Nassau County – (631) 447- 6460 Ext. 3188
New York City – (718) 850-7099 Ext. 3188