The Suffolk County Foster Grandparent Program

Federation of Organizations has served as the sponsor of the Foster Grandparent Program in Suffolk County since 1977.

The mission of the Foster Grandparent Program is to offer volunteer opportunities to low-income seniors who wish to remain active in their communities by providing one-to-one assistance to “at-risk” children in schools, Head Start Centers and preschools throughout Suffolk County. Our goal is to make a difference in the life of a child while at the same time enriching the life of the senior. The children served through the Foster Grandparent Program are learning disabled, emotionally handicapped, have a language barrier or have been identified by the teacher as having special needs. Foster Grandparents assist children by tutoring in reading or math, helping with the completion of class assignments, providing emotional support, helping a child to remain focused in class and supporting children in the English as a Second Language Program with their independent reading and writing activities. Many of these children lack the confidence they need to be successful due to their special needs. The volunteers are able to help the child reach and remain on grade level. The seniors have also been trained by the Suffolk County Sherriff’s office on his bullying campaign, The McGruff Program. They are able to help the children recognize bullying behavior and teach them how to prevent it.

Income-eligible seniors benefit by forming new friendships, socialization, extra income as well as the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to a child’s well-being.

Benefits of Volunteering

• One-to-one relationships are established
• Volunteer at nearby locations
• Monthly in-service trainings provided
• Receive a tax-free stipend
• Paid vacation and sick leave
• Receive a transportation allowance
• Enjoy peer socialization and support


• Aged 55 +
• Income eligible
• Good health
• Motivated, enthusiastic
• A desire to work with children

Children in Need Benefit

Children who need Foster Grandparents gain:

• Tutoring to help them succeed in school
• The life-changing opportunity to know the encouraging support of a senior
• One-on-one support for those learning English
• The individual attention they would not otherwise receive
• Confidence from someone having faith in them
• The advice and life skills they need to lead productive lives

For further Information please call:
Foster Grandparent Program at 631-321-8229 ex 1240


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2014 Highlights

Federation of Organizations hosted a Senior Volunteer Recognition Luncheon on Friday, June 6th at the Melville Marriott. Over 250 guests attended the event, which honored senior volunteers from the Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Programs. The celebration featured a full-course gala luncheon, music, and dancing.

Pictured left to right: NYS Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci; Foster Grandparent volunteer Patricia Ciesielski; Foster Grandparent volunteer Carol Rubenstein; Foster Grandparent volunteer Kathleen Dazzo; Barbara Faron, CEO, Federation of Organizations; Philip Matcovsky, Chief Operating Officer, Federation of Organizations; NYS Assemblyman Andrew Raia